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Raven Needs a New Home

Raven (1 year old, fostered in Maine)

Raven (aka Lucy) is adorable and very loving. She is papered and just over a year old. She does need to be with a Pointer experienced home because of her high energy. She is playful, eager to please, kennels well and settles down good at night and sleeps in a bed with someone. Raven loves to snuggle and cuddles right up to you in bed, she loves being close to her people at all times. She is smart and loves everyone including children.

I think that Raven spent a great deal of time in a kennel prior to coming here from IL. She was very urine stained from a living in a dirty kennel, poor girl, and they are just now disappearing. I believe she was kenneled mostly and did not experience life in a home prior to coming here. I think her prior owner was not a pointer person and could not deal with the energy so they just kenneled her. I traced back that 4 people had her before she came to me. Two of them took her to save her from being taken to the shelter and then passed her on to the next person willing to help her. She is a little thing and quite a love bug. She would do best in a quiet home.

Raven would love to be in a home that can provide her with lots of love, attention and exercise.

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