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He's a Survivor!

*ADOPT ME!* Ace (9 months old, fostered in South Carolina)

Hello! My name is Ace (formerly Survivor - more on that in a minute!) and I love to play with other dogs. Iím still learning the ins and outs of good dog manners and frequently get told off by one of the other dogs at my foster momís home. As a puppy, I had distemper and lived in quarantine for a while and never played with other dogs. Now that I am all well, I am 100% wide open and love to run and jump and just have a GREAT time. Plus Iím only 9 months old so I still have all that puppy energy. Luckily, I am very smart and learn quickly. I already know come, sit, shake, and down; working on stay. I donít mind walking on the leash and never pull my humans around. I think Iíd actually love to run with my human family but this one is a little lazy so they move around pretty slowly. Iím not interested in birds so I donít think I would ever be a good bird dog; however, if you want to go frog gigging I am your man. I can find a frog no matter how well he hides. I also like to jump my foster momís agility equipment and think I have many hidden talents yet to be uncovered!

I am neutered (that was a bad day), micro chipped, and vaccinated. I love to ride in the car and welcome new challenges and adventures. I donít mind spending time in my crate and I certainly know better than to "goĒ in the house. My foster family does call me ďstrong willedĒ and tells me I need an experienced dog family. I guess that might be true but I know I am ready to show my furever family much love and affection. And I promise to keep you entertained. And did I mention I am also exceptionally good looking! Check out my pics---

We first took Ace in as a small puppy, and as he has grown it's apparent that he's not a pure-bred pointer. We are not sure what else is in the mix, but he's still a cutie!


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