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Brodie Needs Your Help

Brodie was dumped at a shelter by his owners because they broke up and neither wanted to keep the dogs. He is going through Heartworm treatment at the shelter and will soon be ready to leave. The shelter he is in doesn't have a huge market for Pointers so we feel pulling him into a foster home with our rescue will allow him to find a good home. He is good while playing with other dogs in the kennel yard and is great with his kennel mate. He shows pointing instinct.

If you are interested in fostering Brodie for Pointer Rescue, please complete a PRO Volunteer Form and indicate your interest in fostering Brodie.

Want to help but not ready to foster or adopt? PRO is a Non-Profit group, we use donations to pay for all expenses related to caring for the Pointers in our care. Please consider making a donation to help us help dogs like this one! Donations of any size graciously accepted by mail or PayPal, see details here: Help Pointer Rescue

Update 5/29/14:  Brodie recently arrived at his PRO foster home in Virginia. Please check back soon for an update!

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