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Gilbert Needs Your Help!

Gilbert, also known as Skip (3 years old, fostered in Connecticut)

He is doing well. He weighed 45 lbs ( up from 38) about 2 weeks ago. He is VERY friendly and LOVES affection. He loves to be petted and hugged and to receive any attention at all. He responds well to children and would probably do best in a home with children of at least 7-8 years old, who know how to play without hurting a pet or a home of adults that had a lot of love and attention to give him.

He is very well behaved indoors. He minds well and knows "no, leave it, stay, down, and come". He loves nothing more than to hang out on his bed and chew on one of his toys. He likes to play with balls and will "fetch" and sort of give the ball back to you. He is not mouthy, and has not shown any tendencies towards chewing inappropriate things, nipping or biting. He is crate trained and goes in without issue and stays in his crate quietly until he is let out.

It appears that he was a working hunting dog in his past life. He has a strong nose and definite pointing instincts. He likes to track birds and runs toward gunfire. He would do well in a home with fenced yard , or with access to a fenced area where he can run, like a dog park. He loves to run. He also prefers to be indoors (on his bed) rather than outside. He would not be happy in a home where the owners expected him to stay outside all day by himself. He gets along very well with other dogs and makes friends very easily at the dog park and at home. We've dog-sat since he has been here and Skip thinks visiting dogs are great fun.

I think he is very adoptable and would do well in a home that can give him lots of love.

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