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Ruby Needs a New Home

Ruby is a purebred “pocket” pointer. She’s 22” tall and weighs 31-34 lbs. Ruby is spayed, up to date on all her shots and she’s on monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventatives.

Ruby was born on September 1st, 2012 which makes her about 21 months old. She is originally from Alabama but is being fostered in Louisiana. According to the shelter she came from, she was dropped off by her original owner because she wouldn’t hunt. We believe she spent a little over a month at the shelter.

Ruby did well in transport. By all accounts she was very curious and eager to be up front where the action was. For us, she finally settle down and went to sleep in the back. No sign of car sickness. When Ruby arrived to her foster home she immediately took an interest in the cats and the chickens. She pointed at and chased all of them. The chickens are in a pen and she would just do laps around it watching them. She even tried to take a bite out of one of the hens. A few weeks make a big difference. She is mostly indifferent with the chickens now. She is still curious about the cats. She still points at them and if they run, she’ll chase, but she has learned what the boundaries are and they have no problem coexisting.

Ruby got along well with our two dogs right away. We have two, two year old males. One of our dogs doesn’t really want to play her very much and mostly ingnores her. But she loves to play with our GSP. They run full speed across the yard chasing each other. They jump, they knock each other down, they bite each other on the legs and neck. They truly enjoy playing together but Ruby has a large supply of energy and she tends to want to play longer than he does. She would do great with another dog who needs a playmate. Ruby also loves her toys. She does enjoy to chew on socks, shoes etc. if she can find them, but we gave her several toys so that she has an outlet for some of her energy. Ruby has had a couple of minor incidents with our dogs. She’s growled and snapped at them. Each time she was sleeping and they were bothering her. We think she just got startled because 99% of the time they get along like best friends. We free feed our dogs so food is always available. We have never seen any sort of food aggression whatsoever. In fact, I’ve seen all three of them with their heads in the same bowl at the same time so there are no issues there at all. For such a small dog she eats quite a bit and she drinks a ton of water, which leads me to the next point. Ruby has had several accidents in the house. Just pee each time and each time it was near a door. We are positive that she knows that the outside is the bathroom but she doesn’t know how to tell us. We’re working on teaching her to ring a bell hanging on the door when she needs to go out.

Ruby does great in her crate. It’s a struggle to get her in there as she wants to be out with everyone else, but once she’s in, there is no crying our barking. She’s never had any kind of accident in her crate and she hasn’t eaten her bed yet. It funny when we come down in the morning or when we come back from somewhere because the entire crate will shake and rock from side to side from her excited tail wagging.

Ruby loves lying on the couch. We didn’t intend for that to happen, she just kind of saw her brothers doing it and decided it was a good idea. As I’m sitting here writing this she’s passed out on the couch. She also has been known to lay completely underneath the couch.

Ruby is not a great walker. It’s because she’s so curious. She’ll go side to side and stop right in front of you. She needs work on a leash for sure.

Probably the best feature about Ruby is that she is incredible with kids. Our kids are 11,9 and 7 and right from the start she seemed drawn to them. She allows them to hug her and lay with her. She loves to chase them around the yard and sometimes she thinks she’s a kid too when they’re playing something. She would be great with a family with kids of any age.

Ruby has several nicknames, most are some sort of variance on her name. Ruby Tuesday (you have to sing the song), Ruby dooby doo (like Scooby), Wigglebutt, Princess Wigglebutt and there are several more. The wigglebutt is hilarious. She gets so excited she cannot be contained. Sometimes she’ll jump and wiggle and shake and cry out of sheer excitement.

Ruby has really impressed us in her time here. She’s super soft and actually sheds less than other Pointers we’ve known. She is so friendly and you just can’t help but laugh out loud at her mannerisms. She does need an outlet for her energy. Although she has shown a prey drive towards the chickens and cats, she was dropped off because she wouldn’t hunt and shouldn’t be used like that now. We believe she should go to someone who is looking for a sweet, small dog to be a part of their family. She would do great in a family with kids. She’d do great in a family with other dogs looking for a playmate, and she would do great as an only child where she’s the center of attention. No matter what she needs to be adopted so that she can settle into the life she deserves.

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