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Flora Needs Your Help

Flora (21 months old, fostered in Florida)


Check out South Florida's newest PRO girl!!!! Flora is a 21 month old pocket pointer. She is pure-bred, we have her original paperwork showing her lineage. She loves to cuddle with her foster family. Lil Ms. Flora was abandoned with her sister by her owner at a shelter in Alabama recently. She had an injury to her front right leg - possibly got caught on barbed wire or fencing, but it has healed up nicely with antibiotics. It has left a scar, but it does not bother her one bit. Flora is currently weighing 31 pounds - she sure is a wee one. Her foster mom thinks she will max out at 35 pounds.

Flora has LOTS of foster brothers and sisters, including a 16 year old human, dogs of all ages and sizes, and kitties galore. She gets along with EVERYONE she meets. She has such a sunny personality. She makes all sorts of funny faces at her foster family, especially when she is laying on her back looking up at them. She is quite fond of the couch, but sometimes she likes to lay under the coffee table, or under beds. She is crate-trained and very well behaved. When her foster family is home from work and school she gets run of the house. She has not had an accident in the house, her foster family is very vigilant in case she needs to go potty outside. Sometimes she needs coaxing to go out - She stands at the door to the backyard as if she is confused. She knows OUTSIDE means potty and playtime, but it is as if she really wants just ONE MORE MINUTE inside with the air conditioning. When she is done doing her business outside and is tired of playing with the dogs out there, she waits patiently at the backdoor to be let back inside so she can cuddle with them again.

She LOVES cuddle time with her foster family. She likes to sit in between her foster mom and the teenager in the house watching t.v. She even crawls up on the teenagers lap. She is quite the LAPDOG. She loves being babied and is very happy being carried around like one. One of the funniest parts of her personality is that she likes to STRETCH when she is laying down and then she crawls to people. Possibly submissive behavior, but it looks more like she is a lioness in the safari sneaking up to pounce. Quite a few of her foster siblings are small dogs so she could also be trying to fit it She is an amazingly sweet girl - she showers her foster family with LOTS of love and fun. Our hopes for her is that she will find a furever family that will love and cherish her like her foster family does. DID WE MENTION THAT SHE LIKES TO CUDDLE??

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