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Louie Needs a New Life

Louie (8 years old, fostered in Virginia)

My New Life

My foster mom gave me the name ďLouieĒ because she thinks Iím as handsome and dignified as any King Louie out there. I am, but I have my fun side also and Iím getting so much more at ease with this home and comfortable way of life, that Iím letting her see my fun side. Mom loves my dance when I get excited; guess she doesnít think us big guys can be so cute. I spent my first eight years at a hunt club -- not much in the way of frills. Or even necessities, as I was turned into the animal shelter, quite starved and with heartworms because I couldnít ďkeep up.Ē Well, guess I did get a bit winded -- they should have known heartworm meds are necessities. But I am my handsome, healthy self now, and better for the experience, because I get to know my fellow dog brothers & sisters (not merely see them thru the fence) and people are actually allowed and encouraged to pet me. Thatís taking some getting used to. I love the little ones, but still hesitate with men, but I suppose they can be as nice as my mom. Besides soft rugs and dog beds (I havenít ventured to the real furniture), the food is great and I even behave myself about it. Once I was successful at my countersurfing endeavor, so Mom tells me ďoffĒ now and again when I try. I have learned to walk with my four buds (but I have a harness) and I am not too bad at walking just by myself with a flat collar. I can sit, but we havenít started much stays or downs. I still like to sleep in my crate, with the big pillow. While I like my yard, and donít try to escape the 4í fence, we all still like our walks better. Iíve only had one accident in the house (I tried to tell her I NEEDED to go, but she was clueless). Iím learning that not quite everything is fair grounds for chewing. Mom is relieved storms donít phase me, but I can get a bit reactive at some noises (sheís no one to talk, since she about goes thru the roof when I bark, but Iím really NOT that loud). Mom comes and goes doing things and I just hop in my crate. She gets me and the others a fair amount of exercise, but I can hang quiet pretty well. It wonít be long before I quit being totally surprised by all these new things in this house. Most of all, I love having my fellow dog's company and my hugs from Mom. Iím a smart guy and will learn what I have to, but everything from now on is gravy. Mom says I can have my forever home, when a gentle one comes along, tho we are not going to part easily, we can tell this already.


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