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Buck is Looking Forward to YOU!

Buck (1 year old, fostered in TN)

They call me Buck, and I am learning to be the best Buck possible!!

I came from a shelter in West Tennessee, but am now in a foster home in East Tennessee. I have been in my foster home since the end of June, and I really am liking this whole ‘family’ idea. I have three other pups in my foster home (only one looks a little like me) and three cats. I love to play with the other dogs, and have learned to like the cats. We don’t interact much, but they are very nice to me, so I am nice back.

I have learned to do my bathroom business outside – I’m very good at letting someone know when I have to go out. I love my crate, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE nylabones and bones and chewy things of any sort. Even though I like to stockpile them in my crate, I am very good about letting others come and borrow one, and I let my foster mom empty most of them out so I have more room to sleep at night. I go to my upstairs crate, next to the bed, every night and love to just sleep there knowing my family is close by. I also stay in my crate when my foster mom has to run errands, to make sure I don’t get into any trouble while she’s gone.

I have learned to SIT. When I do it, I get a treat – WOWZA!! I also just learned that it’s OK for me to sit on the sofa, if I’m a good boy and can be quiet (I learned that from my PRO brother, Reuben). I understand ‘Quiet’, ‘Wait’, and ‘No’. I am learning the ways of a family. I have NEVER tried to counter surf, and only take treats or food if it’s offered to me. I eat my meals in my crate, and am trying to put on some extra weight right now – with all my running around and playing, I am staying pretty slim. Although I was new to living in a house, I am learning to be at ease. Sometimes, if there’s a new thing, I am still a little timid, but I am learning to just trust that my family will be there to take care of me. When in doubt, I know I can always go to my crate to be safe. I still don’t like the vacuum cleaner, but it doesn’t run that often around here, so that’s OK.

I am up to date on all of my shots, and get monthly HW preventative. I believe I am around 16 months old, so I still have a lot of energy and will probably grow a bit bigger. So, If you think having a loving, forever guy in your life would be a good thing, – I just might be your guy!! I’m Buck, and I’m getting better every day!!

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