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Maxwell (9 months old, fostered in New Jersey)

ďHi Ė my name is Maxwell. Or Max. Or Maxi-boy! Iím still a puppy even though Iím already a big boy. My foster mom tells me that Iím a handsome boy but knows that Iím not full pointer because my tail is a little too thick, my ears are a bit too long, and Iíve got a hound-y bark. Not sure of what Iím mixed with but I have a bit of a Roo-Roo hound bark. I love to chew on things and to play, play, play! Every dog is my friend and I let my foster mom know when I want to go next door to play with my friend Morris (a recent adoption by neighbor). We romp around and around the yard playing biting and chasing each other Ė its so much fun! Iím good in the house and have lots of toys to play with! Iím housebroken and donít mind going into my crate when I need to as long as I have stuff to chew on while Iím in there. I talk a lot and still need to work on my Ďinside-voiceí but Iím getting better. Iím looking for a family to call my own! Having doggie brothers & sisters would be great so we could play all day!Ē


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