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Candace Is Very Sweet

Candace is as sweet as sugar, as pretty as a picture, and an all around lovely lady. She is 5 or 6 year old liver and white Pointer with an adorable smile, kind eyes and a tail with a kink in it that wags enthusiastically. We don’t know too much about her earlier life except to say that she was left in the overnight drop-off pen at a rural shelter in South Carolina right after her last litter of puppies was weaned. She showed signs of having lived a difficult life as a breeding dog in a concrete-floored kennel.

All of that is behind her now. She has been spayed and is up-to-date on all her shots. She adapted to living in a house right away and has been perfectly housebroken from day one. She loves soft dog beds, will not get on the furniture unless you ask her to and is quiet and polite in the house. She is crate trained. She walks pretty well on a leash and is getting started on some basic obedience training. Off leash, she loves to run and find birds, but doesn’t run too far from her person and frequently circles back to check in. She does not appear to have had any hunting training.

Candace is a bit shy and sensitive. She does not like thunderstorms, but is comforted by a Thundershirt. She loves attention and affection, but can be a little bit unsure of people she does not know. She is very gentle, however, and should be good with older children. She gets along well with other dogs and with cats, and has the kind of calm nature that makes other animals like and accept her. She plays nicely with other dogs, but is definitely a “people” dog. She gets excited when her people come home and does a cute little Pointer tap dance when she sees them.

Candace needs and deserves her own family who will give her all the affection and attention she missed out on in her former life. She is beautiful soul with an open heart and so much love to give. Her new owners will be lucky people.


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