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River Needs Your Help

River (3-5 years old, fostered in New York)

Hi! Iím River and Iím a young adult male Pointer. My foster mom says I would be a great ďstarter PointerĒ for somebody because Iím young enough that I still have a lot of spunk, but Iíve grown out of my crazy-Pointer-energy puppy phase. I was found as a stray in Virginia and stayed there for a while in a shelter. The shelter staff told my foster mom that I was a go-with-the-flow kind of guy and got along with everyone, including cats. Then, one day, I went for a very long car ride to go live in a house! There was a small child on that car ride, and I really liked her, too! Iím pretty excited to be living in a house where there are lots of toys, soft things to lie on, and a big back yard where I can run, explore, and find good sniffs. The only thing I donít like very much about the house is the crate. Although I will go into the crate willingly and do settle down after a while, Iíd much prefer to be spending my time out and about the house with you. My foster mom tells me that I am very trustworthy since I donít pick up and chew on things that donít belong to me (except pillows Ė I LOVE pillows, but I only carry them around and shake them a bit, I never de-fluff them) so once I learn that I should only ďdo my businessĒ on the good sniffs outside the house and not the good sniffs inside the house, I can probably stay out of the crate at all times. I like playing with my foster brothers and being outside where I can point out lots of things to you. I even point at my foster brothers, which makes my foster mom giggle. But my favorite thing to do is to cuddle up next to you on the couch. Iím very social and even prefer to eat my meals when you are nearby! Iím learning a lot about being a house dog. Iím already very good at coming to you when you call my name, Iím improving every day with my housebreaking, and Iím learning not to do something called ďcounter surfingĒ. As soon as Iím trained, I will be the perfect companion!

River is estimated to be about 3-5 years old. He is neutered, heartworm negative, and up to date on vaccines. River is charming, a little bit goofy, and affectionate. Due to his happy outlook on life and go-with-the-flow attitude, River would do well in almost any home ranging from a single individual to a large family or in a single or multi-pet situation. If you would like to learn more about River, please fill out an adoption application!


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