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Lucy is Looking for a New Home

Louise (1 year old, located in South Carolina)
Dog ID#141274-P-B-GA

Someone is going to get lucky with Lucy. Lucy comes from a hunting and field-trialing hotspot in south Georgia, and she gives every appearance of being a well bred hunting dog. Why isnít she out hunting now? We donít really know Ė maybe she washed out in her early training; maybe she ran off and got lost and no one came looking for her. In any case, she ended up at the local humane society, before she was pulled and put into PRO.

Lucy arrived at her foster home at the end of October, and figured out how to live in a house very quickly. She is crate trained and house trained and working on basic obedience. She is a quick study and loves both treats and toys. She may have had some rough handling in her past, or she may just be naturally skittish, but there are some things that scare her and she needs positive training and encouragement. When she gets over her shyness, she is very sweet and loving, and is both a hugger and a kisser.

Lucy is still quite puppy-like and loves to play with other dogs, with toys and with people. She enjoys retrieving (and is learning to bring her prize back!) and tug of war (she likes to win!) and loves squeaky toys (the louder the better!). She is a fierce and enthusiastic butterfly hunter. Like any young field-bred Pointer, she is high energy and needs plenty of exercise, so she will do best with at least a large fenced yard and would probably be happiest with another dog to play with. She is very people-oriented, however, so would probably be okay as a single dog, as long as she got lots of attention and she had room to run.

Beautiful, young and athletic, Lucy wants to be a good dog. She will sit politely to greet you, even though she is excited, and when she gets tired, she puts herself to bed in her crate. She even comes when you call her (mostly, and your mileage may vary.) She is still in a chewing phase, so she does need to be watched when she is in the house, or she might try to remodel the furniture or rewire the telephone. She will probably get over this soon, however. She is currently living with a number of cats, and she gets along with them perfectly. Sheís a joyful, bouncy dog, the kind that makes you smile when you look at her.

Do you want to get lucky with Lucy? Act fast, because she wonít last long!


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