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Oni Needs a New Start

Oni (2 years old fostered in Florida)
Dog ID# 141334-P-B-IL

Meet silly Oni!

Oni was found as a stray in Illinois. She wasn't given much time at the shelter, she was urgently in need of an adopter or rescue so PRO stepped in. Oni made her way down to sunny South Florida to her foster home by land and air via transport volunteers. Oni has a very strong pointing instinct and for the first few days in her new foster home, all she wanted to do was get back outside to look for birds and squirrels. A few days in and she saw her first LIZARD! Oni gets very focused on creepy crawlers in the yard of her foster home.

Oni didn't know her name when she arrived. She knows and responds to her name now, even though a bird or lizard takes precedence over all ! She didn't seem to know much about inside life, she preferred to be outdoors a lot. She didn't know what toys were and didn't know how to play with them. She now loves to pounce on tennis balls and nylabones before picking them up and running with them. She experiences joy out of the simple things in life - a hug, a nice walk, treats, new smells in the yard. She truly is a happy happy girl.

Oni is very friendly with everyone she meets, including the kitties at her foster home. She is very bouncy, boisterous and overly happy so she would do better with older children. (Oni doesn't realize how strong she is and might knock a toddler over) There are dogs of all shapes and sizes in her foster home. She will occasionally start to play with one of the dogs inside, but when she is outdoors she is too focused on the smells and sights to play with the dogs. She is totally crate-trained but sometimes needs a little coaxing to get into her crate when her foster mom needs to go to work or leave the house. She likes to counter surf to see if there is anything good to snack on up there, so her foster mom is working with her on that.

Overall, Oni is a beautiful strong pointer with a very inquisitive nose and sharp eyesight. She is very sweet and will make someone a very good companion.


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