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Riley Needs a New Home

Riley (8 years old, located in Oregon)
Dog ID#141364-P-D-CA

Riley was a stray at a shelter in California. He recently arrived at his new PRO foster home in Oregon. Please check back soon for an update!

Update from Riley's foster home:  Riley is very friendly and people oriented. Obviously, he has been loved in his past by someone with a treat bag and by a small child because he loves both: small children and treats. This handsome boy is also really, really good with small dogs. He patiently will work with the yipping and jumping of a smaller dog without incident. Don't let his age fool you, he loves to be active just at a little slower pace now that he is not a spring pup anymore. Just look at his tail go, he is the happiest boy on earth and is such a joy to be with. He is looking for someone to be his best buddy for the rest of his life.


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