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Hans Needs a New Home

Hans (5 years old, fostered in New York)
Dog ID#141501-P-D-KS

Hallo! I'm Hans! People used to call me "Hank", but I responded better to Hans - and well, since my foster mom is part German, she liked it better, and so I do, too! I am really looking forward to finding a furever home where there are happy people like me! (Well, I'm a happy dog, but you know what I mean...) I really like to cuddle and get lots of lovin'. I'm what you might call "a leaner". If you love on me, I'll lean on you!

I am gun shy, so my previous owner (who was a hunter) surrendered me to a "Second Chances" rescue, but they didn't have enough room and surrendered me to a shelter the following day. It was all so confusing... I was neutered there (even though I was previously registered as a "Field Stud Dog") and tested negative for heart worms. They also made sure I received all of the necessary shots. My foster dad took me to get my microchip shortly after I got here. I get my Iverhart (heart worm preventative) on a regular basis with the other dogs in the house.

I have a pretty healthy appetite and like to munch on fruits and vegetables, too! I don't focus enough (I get distracted by the treat) to learn any commands other than "no, sit, off" (the furniture), and "crate". Sometimes, I obey "Out!" when mom is prepping in the kitchen and she trips over me. I don't know why she doesn't want me in there... Doesn't she know I'll clean up any food that falls to the floor? I am housebroken, but don't like to go outside when dad wakes me at 5:30 am. I do go out when mom wakes me up again 30-45 minutes later. I didn't like my crate very much in the beginning, but my foster family has a lot of patience and now my crate is my "safe place."

I get along great with my foster brother, 'Dozer, and I play well with other dogs at the dog park. I kinda ignore the other foster at our house (he's an old guy anyways). Sometimes, I'd rather just be by myself or with my foster mom when the house is quiet and she's reading. When one of the two cats tiptoe past a doorway, I look at my humans and then at her, but I lay my head back down and don't even bother. (Cats aren't worth it anyways!) I would probably do best in a home with one other dog (who was there before me).

I really love my humans, though! I will dance for them in the mornings and when I come inside or when it's time to eat. I like to play once in a while and even smile at them (although my foster mom thinks I look like "Joker" when I smile). I get along with humans of all ages and like to cuddle with anyone who is willing! Don't worry... if you ignore me, my cold nose will get your attention under your arm!

My foster family lives in a cold and wintry area, but I love the snow! We went to the dog park and I played and rolled in the snow - it was great! When they let me off the leash at the dog park, I ran a bit, but I also chose to stay close by at times. I'm pretty well-behaved on the leash and don't pull very much. I get really excited when it's time to go somewhere and my foster mom starts calling me "Wiggly boy".

I am 5 years old and fostered in western New York. I weigh 57 pounds and stand 21" at the shoulder. So! If you can toss a ball, squeaky, rope toy, or Nylabone for me and love on me, I'm your kinda guy (I mean dog)!


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