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Lady Needs Your Help


Dog ID# 141611-P-B-KY

Sweet Lady will be 3 years old in April 2015. She is a petite girl, at around 45 pounds. She is an Elhew Pointer and was given up by her owner as he said she had become gun shy due to the neighbors letting off too many firecrackers. She is still very birdy though. She is vaccinated and Heartworm negative. She is extremely sweet and looks to her foster mom for praise and guidance. She is just learning how comfy couches can be. She goes in to her crate willing for a treat and is very quiet in there. She is completely crate trained. She has slept in bed overnight with her teenage buddy Tyler and a few kitties and a few dogs without incident. She is a snuggler and appreciates the cuddles. She loves toys of all kinds, but has been caught nibbling on the blankie in her crate now and again. She stops when told "no". She has been know to be a counter surfer and will try to get into the garbage can looking for new snacks. Her foster mom is working on that with her and diligence and supervision is the key.

She is friendly with all people she meets and is cat and dog friendly. She was so confused when she came to her foster home, but she is learning the routine very quickly. She pulls like the dickens on her leash but her foster mom is also working with her on that. Overall, Lady is amazing and a sweet girl who wants to be loved and give love. She needs a little work (not much) but will be an awesome companion for the right family.

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