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Bud Needs a New Start

Bud - 1 year old, located in Colorado
Dog ID# 150111-P-D-GA

Bud is a puppy just under 1 year old from the state of Georgia. He was raised on a ranch, but broke his tail and it healed with a slight kink so his point is just a bit off. Heís a slim 48 pounds, but very healthy and happy.

Bud is a bouncy, lovable, goofball with a lot of energy, but heís learned how to be a good calm boy since itís been pretty cold and snowy. He isnít too keen on the cold & snow, and much prefers the indoors rightnow. On warm days though, he loves to play outside in the yard. Heíll fetch a ball for you all day long. He likes to stalk the birds that feed outside our windows. He does very well on a leash.

Bud gets along great with other dogs and is very playful with them, but hasnít been around kids or cats yet. He has quickly learned some basic obedience commands and has taken pretty quickly to house training. Heís still learning what is appropriate to chew on and sometimes gets household items or trash confused with dog toys. He whines when being left alone or placed in a crate, but quickly calms down after a few minutes and does well after that. He will crawl into a crate at night to sleep if you leave the door open.

With the right family, this young man will makke an excellent companion. Heís such a quick learner who just needs love and approval.

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