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Tanner is Ready for You!

Tanner - 2-3 years old, fostered in New York
Dog ID# 150153-P-D-OK

Meet Tiny but Mighty Tanner! Hi! Iím Tanner and Iím excited to meet you! Letís face it, Iím excited about a lot of things, because the best words to describe me are ďjoy for lifeĒ. My foster mom tells me Iím Tiny but Mighty because Iím what is called a pocket pointer. I may be small in stature (a whopping 35#) but I have a big personality! Iím always up for going on an adventure and really like car rides and jump right in so we can go for a trip. But, if your idea of fun is to snuggle on the couch, Iím OK with that too, because then Iíll be rested up for our next adventure. I really like being with people and will do a little happy dance when you come home and offer you endless kisses if you let me. I also like to spend my time with toys; in fact, one of my favorite things to do is to steal all the toys and take them to my crate and hoard them from my foster siblings. Iím really good about knowing what are and arenít my toys and Iíve never chewed on anything that wasnít mine. I will play with other dogs, but I prefer one-on-one play dates rather than the dog park as I get overwhelmed easily when several dogs try to play with me at once. A lot of my time is spent learning about how to be a house dog. I like my crate, go in it when you ask, and settle down quickly to take a nap. Iím working really hard on the housebreaking, and my foster mom is teaching me ďsitĒ and ďoffĒ and how to come when she calls my name. Iím always ready to go for a walk and although I start and stop rapidly when I find something good to sniff, I donít pull very hard on the leash. I think my perfect home would be with people who are active and are looking for a companion for their adventures like dog walks, car trips, running errands around town, or outdoorsy things like hiking or running. Oh yeah, and maybe a dog friend would be good too.Tanner is estimated to be about 2-3 years old. He was found as a stray in Oklahoma. He is neutered, microchipped, up to date on vaccinations (next due January 2016) and is heartworm negative. Tanner is very friendly and would probably do well with elementary school aged children or older. Tanner is crate trained, improving with his housebreaking, and working on learning basic commands. If you are interested in learning more about Tanner, please fill out an adoption application


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