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George is Looking for a Fresh Start

George - 18 months old, fostered in New Jersey
Dog ID#: 150231-P-D-GA


My name is George, (they call me Georgie Porgie for some reason) and I am from Georgia, I'm currently living at the Jersey shore in place called Point Pleasant, I used to live on a plantation but for some reason I was not what they wanted and they dropped me off at a Vets office. The Vet took good care of me until I got picked to go to NJ. It was a long traveling weekend with many different people they all said I was a good boy but somewhat shy. I finally got to NJ and met my foster parents and brother, an English Setter named Ace we get along fine, I am very shy around men for some reason. I really did not like crates but have learned to understand that they are my own place to chill out, a few treats will get me in there pretty easy. My biggest issue is I do not like to be left alone I think I get scared. We are working on house training we are getting better but still have some things to learn. I love going for walks. I am pretty good on a harness and leash. I have a fenced in back yard and love to run around and chase Ace but only if my foster parents are with me. I am a huggable cute pointer with a handsome face so I am told. I will snuggle but still need some space in case you make a sudden move...I am almost two years old (6/15), I am very healthy - I weigh about 45lbs HW negative, microchipped.


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