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Kiera is Ready for You

Kiera - 1 year old, fostered in Florida
Dog ID# 150281-P-B-TN

Little lemon & white Kiera is a pint-sized bunny rabbit in pointers clothing. Little Kiera aka Kiera-Rabbit is a very very sweet little wisp of a pointer, hailing from Tennessee originally and enjoying her time in sunny Florida with dogs and cats galore. The rabbit reference is because Kiera has more hop & bounce than pep in her step. She will either run around gleefully or hop around in sheer delight. She is one of the happiest pointers her foster family has ever met.

Whereas Kiera is a purebred English pointer, she thinks she is part cat, part rabbit, part baby and part pointer. She likes to rub her body along her foster parents legs when they are walking, and likes to play pounce on the other dogs in her foster home. She has been known to throw her front legs over a pointers back like she is trying to take a ride in a saddle. She can be just a tad shy when meeting new people but that doesn't last very long at all. Since she bonds so quickly to pets, her foster family thinks she would do best in a home with at least 1 furry friend for her to race & hop around with.

Kiera is around 35 pounds and will be spayed in very soon. She is a gem of a gal and truly easy to love.


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