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He's a Trooper!

Trooper - 1 year old, located in FL
Dog ID# 150321-P-D-TN

Trooper is a tiny boy, believed to be around 8 months old in March 2015. He hailed from Tennessee, and was probably dumped due to his aversion of loud noises. Trooper is a very sweet boy who likes to stick close to his foster mom. He is VERY gentle on a leash but will try to bolt if a motorcycle roars by. He is working on his house and crate manners. He knows how to use a doggy door already, but for safety he is crated when his foster mom is at work. He prefers the indoors to the outdoors but he is wonderful walking companion, bearing in mind his fright of loud noises.

He is very good with other dogs of all sizes, cats, and every person he meets. Trooper was emaciated when he came to his foster home, with every rib visible and jutting out hips. He is packing on the weight now and may stay under 40 pounds ultimately. Trooper needs a special kind of adopter - one that will help his confidence grow and a patient family that will help work with him and his fear of sharp and loud noises.

NOTE: Even though Trooper is a pure-bred English Pointer, he would not be a good hunting candidate due to his extreme fear of loud noises.


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