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Sonny Needs Your Help!

Sonny - 7-8 years old, fostered in Michigan
Dog ID#: 150433-P-D-SC

Sonny is a 7-8 year old boy who came into rescue looking much older, in very rough shape. He was found stray, so we donít know much about his past, but it appears he lived most of his life outdoors, contained in a small kennel or on a chain, without adequate nutrition. He is heartworm positive, and has some bald areas on his head and rear, associated with longstanding malnutrition. He has multiple pressure sores. The rescue was able to remove him from the South Carolina shelter just hours before he was to be euthanized. He is currently in foster care in West Michigan, and would love a home of his own.

Sonny is a sweet gentleman of a dog. He is a medium energy pointer, who loves to play, wants to bond closely to his person, and would make a great running or agility partner. He is housebroken, LOVES people, and gets along well with other animals, including so far, every dog he has ever met. He lives with two dogs and a cat in his foster home. He lets the cat sleep on top of him. He is crate trained, and walks great on a leash. He sits politely for his dinner, or to be leashed up. He is great in the car and loves to go for rides.

He loves food, and will get into any that you leave out. He can eat an entire stick of butter and half a bag of dog food with no ill effects. (We are hoping he does not try that again.) He is learning not to counter surf. Despite living most of his life outdoors, someone at some time must have loved this dog and let him inside at some point, because heís expert at jumping on the bed and getting under the covers. He would love to find a home where he is allowed to sleep in the bed.

Sonny is vocal, and likes to sing and talk, to let you know heís hungry or itís time for a walk. He sings and howls along with his foster brother when the vacuum is run, or when he hears a siren. He barks protectively but not excessively. He likes to fetch sticks out of the river, is very birdy, and loves to run in the woods. He runs in the wetlands near his foster home (on a training lead) and is crazy about ducks. With some training and a very patient owner, he might make a good hunting partner.

In his previous life, Sonny appears to have been beaten if he came when called, so he runs away when loose. It appears he had a longstanding pattern of confinement, escape, and punishment when caught. His foster home is working on teaching him to come when called. Heíll need continued work on this in his new home. His foster mom crawled through the underbrush in a swamp for an hour at dusk to catch this charming runaway last week, so we are working hard on this new skill.

He is being treated for heartworm with the slow kill method, which entails administering a monthly medication. His adopter will need to continue this treatment for about a year, until he is free of heartworms; it is a simple and inexpensive treatment.

If you would like to talk about Sonny, and see if heís the boy for you, please fill out an application on our website and weíll put you in touch with Sonnyís foster mom. He would be forever grateful to have a loving home.


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