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Flash Needs Your Help!

Bella, 2-3 years old, fostered in Kansas
Dog ID#: 150453-P-B-AR

Bella is a very affectionate and energetic dog that will do good in a home where she is part of the family, can get her exercise, and with some who has a little patience to polish off some of her training needs. She loves to be with her people when they are sitting or laying down. She is not shy about demonstrating her affection, and she will lick and climb all over you if you let her! I’m not sure of her exact age, but some puppy still comes through in her personality & energy. Bella also seems to like a move we call “the superman”, as you’ll see in some of her pictures. She does great on a leash and could be a great running or walking partner. She has done great with all dogs we have had her around and likes to initiate play time with most of them. We have not yet had the opportunity to test her around kids or cats.

As far as training, she is probably 80% potty trained, but has an occasional #1 accident inside. Bella is crate trained and does very well in it while we are at work during the day and for sleep at night. She is learning her name and seems to understand “here” well, but we are still working on some other basic commands and responsiveness to the ones we think she already knows. She may need some help learning which toys are hers and which are off limits....like shoes or towels. She can climb a short fence, and good fencing will probably be important for her until her training is fine-tuned. Like most pointers I’ve had experience with, she’s not a chow hound or food protective, but will graze and eat when it’s convenient for her

She seems to be a healthy girl. Her build is maybe a tad on the small size. She was 38 lbs according to the vet paperwork, but I think she’s put on a couple since we’ve had her and she’ll probably fill out in the 45 lb range.

Bella was called "Flash" at the shelter.


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