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Luna Needs Your Help

Luna - 2 years old, located in New York
Dog ID# 150533-P-B-OK

Hi, Iím Luna and thanks for stopping by to learn my story. I was in a shelter in Oklahoma when Pointer Rescue found me. Turns out, Iím not a purebred Pointer, but rather a mix, probably with some bully breed. Iím a stocky and muscular gal, not very tall but ďbig bonedĒ weighing in around 70 pounds. Iím sweet and loving and happy to give you a cuddle and a kiss.

Pretty soon I was adopted but there was one little problem. You see, I have a rambunctious play style. I really like playing with other dogs but Iím not always the best at understanding what they do and donít like in play. Other dogs might want to play chase or tag, but Iím ready to play full contact hockey or tackle football! Pretty soon my adopted dog siblings didnít want to play with me any longer and my family made the tough choice that perhaps we werenít the best match. So now Iím back in foster care.

My new foster mom tells me that Iím a happy and friendly girl but I need to work on something called ďimpulse controlĒ. I tend to get excited really quickly and need to learn that sometimes itís better to stay calm and quiet. My foster mom and another nice lady called a trainer have been working with me using this funny little thing that makes a clicking noise. I like my training sessions because once I figure out what my foster mom or trainer are askingme to do thereís clicking followed by lots of tasty treats like chicken or string cheese!Right now Iím working on paying attention, sit and stay, and not pulling on a leash. Once Iím really good at these things weíre going to start working on how I interact with other dogs. My training sessions are hard work and afterwards I usually have a case of the zoomies or need to play a vigorous game of tug with my rope toys. Speaking of toys, next to treats, theyíre probably my favorite things! I like rope toys the best and try to get my foster siblings to play tug with me. I also like nylabones and balls and will entertain myself with toys during quiet time. I do need tough and rugged toys though, because I will de-fluff and destroy soft toys.

My foster mom tells me that although I have a few things I need to work on, that Iím very good with house manners. I do like to curl up for a nap on a couch or big chair, but I am not destructive and I rarely counter-surf. I listen pretty well when you tell me not to do something. I am a young dog, so you do still need to watch me as from time to time my curiosity will get the better of me. I think in my perfect family Iíd either be an only dog or have one dog friend with a similar ďrough-and-tumbleĒ play style as me. Meeting any potential dog sibling first would be a must because Iíve moved around alot in the past six months and am looking for my next home to be a forever home! I have chased cats in the past, so Iím probably not a good friend for kitties. Iím super-friendly with people, but as Iím big and strong and get excited easily I need to go to a home with children over the age of 12. Iím an active girl and would love somebody togo hiking or jogging with. Iím not a good dog to take the dog park, but one-on-one play dates with another dog with a similar play style would be great! Iíve been making great progress with my training, but Iíll need somebody committed to continuing my training to help me be the best dog companion possible. Do you think thatís you?

Luna is housebroken and crate-trained with excellent house manners. She is spayed, up to date on core vaccinations, heartworm negative, and is on monthly heartworm and flea preventatives. She is a sweet and loving girl looking for her perfect match!

Here's Luna in action! Luna on YouTube


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