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Phantom Needs Your Help

Phantom - 3 years old, fostered in Florida
Dog ID#: 150561-P-D-IL

Phantom is a three and a half year old English Pointer, originally from Illinois. His owners were going thru a divorce and the dog was being neglected so the grandfather surrendered him to a shelter. He came into rescue heartworm positive. He has completed his heartworm treatment & is now available for adoption. Phantom is a very muscular, handsome pointer, on the larger size around 65 pounds.

He is strong on a leash, but has good manners and he is quick to come when called. He gets along with dogs of all sizes. He is not cat safe, so a home without cats for him is a MUST. He is very birdy, friendly and sweet. He likes to go for car rides, but needs to do so on an empty tummy as he can get a little car sick.

He loves to stare up at birds in trees or flying overhead. He trembles when he hears thunder but will go still go outside to potty even if it is raining. His original listing said he was housebroken, but his foster mom cannot verify that because she has cats in the home. He keeps his crate very clean and has never had an accident in the crate. He goes easily into his crate for a treat. He has a very soft coat and is a sweet, loving pointer. He loves being hugged and to have his face caressed. He has the cutest overbite and has an overwhelmingly happy demeanor. When he is taken outside for exercise or potty time, he hops around first because he is so happy.

He is very sweet to his foster family, and the teenager in his foster home. He loves playing chase with the dogs in his foster home and he is so fun to watch and interact with. He lets the 5 pound chihuahua boss him around at times. This super cute pointer will make any family a GREAT companion, just remember - NO CATS ;)


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