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Say Hello to Miss Abby!

Abby, 8 years old, located in Virginia
Dog ID#: 150613-P-B-NC

Hi! I'm Abby!
I'm cute!

I'm petite for a pointer, only around 40 pounds. Unlike most pointers, I'm not big on cuddling.

I do not want to get on the furniture with you. Guessing someone trained me or got mad at me for doing it before. I like getting scratches and if I see you heading towards me while I'm lying down, I'll flip my belly up so it is available to rub. Belly rubbins are pretty awesome. I really like going for walks. We haven't gone very far, only about 2 miles, but I'm pretty sure I could go farther. I just need to work up to it and have someone that wants to walk that far. I do wear a harness, or I pull too much on the leash. I walk nicely with my harness on though. Did I mention I'm adorable? I have a couple of toys I really like to play with. I have a stuffed dinosaur which I like to walk up to and then POUNCE! Ha! Got it! I'm slowly tearing it apart, but it's lasted a while and I've really enjoyed myself. I also have a ball I like. I keep telling the people if they keep throwing it away, I'm not going to keep bringing it back. I'll do it a few times for them, and that's it. They are finally starting to learn.

Um, let's see. I'm about 8. I like to sit at the fence and watch whatever might be happening. It's usually not much. I also like to stalk things, even if there isn't anything there. You have to start at the door - you never know what might be out there. I'm house broken and crate trained. Oh! I have a lovely woowoo. I only use it when I'm very excited. Dinner time is very exciting. My foster parents say I'm kind of weird. I don't bark when people knock on the door. But my foster brother Andy doesn't either. So at least I have a buddy in weirdness. I do need to learn not to try to get out the door. I get too excited when I think I might be able to go outside the front door. The back is all fenced and isn't as much fun.

Anyway, if you're looking for a walking buddy that you don't want on the furniture. I'm your girl!


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