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Katie Needs Your Help

Katie -7-9 years old, fostered in New York
Dog ID#: 150624-P-B-NC

Spunky Katie is ready for a new life!

Katie was a momma dog for a breeder and when she was no longer of use, she was surrendered to a shelter. Now that Katie is retired from breeding, she is ready to enjoy life! This sweet girl comes off as a bit timid at first, but once you get her outside her spunky side shines! She loves to zip around the fenced-in back yard trying to get her foster siblings to play with or chase her. Katie is petite (40#) and adorable and is a master of the whole-body wiggle when she wags her tail (which is almost constantly). She is a quiet dog, but likes to “talk” around meal times. Inside the house she is calm and prefers to keep to herself, spending quiet time either in her crate or at the top of the stairs where she likes to play with toys. She especially likes balls and will prance around with a ball in her mouth to show off to her foster siblings. Katie is affectionate and will seek out ear scratches and belly rubs and offers kisses. She has not attempted to get on any furniture or counter-surf, has not shown any destructive tendencies, and appears to be housebroken as she has not had a single accident in the house. Katie is afraid of loud noises and startles easily, so although she shows pointing instinct, she would not be an ideal hunting companion without extensive rehabilitation. Katie likes to play with other dogs, so ahome with a canine companion or frequent trips to the dog park would be ideal! Katie appears to have very mild nerve damage to her right hind leg. Her toes sometimes flip under when she is standing, but she is sound and the nerve damage doesn’t slow her down one bit! This sweet girl has a lot of love to give, will you consider being her forever home?

Katie will be spayed soon, is heartworm negative, on monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventative, and is current on core vaccinations. Katie is crate-trained and housebroken. She is working on learning basic commands in her foster home.


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