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Jaycee Needs a New Start

Jaycee - 10 years old
Dog ID#: 150783-P-B-GA

Hello! They call me Jaycee. Sometimes I'm called Peanut or Little Bit. I have been told I am special. Well, I don't know about that, but let me tell you a little about myself. I will begin my story when things started getting dim in my world. I was losing my sight. It's a scary thing when you can't see like you used to, and it is worse when you are lost. Some people picked me up and took me to a scary place. I knew I was in a cage. It was cold, there were strange dogs barking and crying and then there was talk about some of us not leaving. People were telling me that they were trying to help me get out. Next thing I knew I was with a family. They are nice and said they are fostering me for Pointer Rescue. It's nice to have a bed and sleep inside a comfortable house. I have lots of room to run outside. I especially enjoy running in the morning. And there's popcorn. I love popcorn! Anyway, my foster mom and dad said I can stay here until PRO finds me a forever home. My foster mom says it will be a very special home because I am very special. Did I tell you I like popcorn?

Jaycee is small liver and white girl who is about 8-10 years old. She was picked up as a stray by a small city animal control in Georgia. Advocates for the shelter contacted PRO and she has been placed in a foster home that has several pointers. She is a rather timid girl, but gets along well with the other dogs. She is partially blind, but is able to get around the house and yard. Along with developing cataracts which is normal for a dog her age, she also has Keratoconjunctivitis. In spite of her vision problems, Jaycee manages rather well. She has learned to use the doggy door, but usually goes out when she is told to. She seems to like an established routine especially when it involves cookies and popcorn. Did we mention that she loves popcorn?

She is up to date on her vaccinations and is spayed, microchipped and heartworm negative. Jaycee will keep to herself but can be coaxed out. She is cautious of new people be now that is feels comfortable in her foster home, she will venture out to meet people. She has become a talker and will greet her foster parents when they come home with a "Woo Woo!" and talks for treats!

Jaycee will need a family who can be patient with her as a transition to a new home will take time. She has done well with children although she doesn't like a lot of commotion. She has, however, done well with the other four pointers in the house (that does create commotion at dinnertime!) Jaycee is a special senior girl who deserves a special family. Are you the family that will help Jaycee reach her potential? Did we mention she loves popcorn?

TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (Generally within 1500 miles of the dog)

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