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Rona Needs a New Home

Rona - 4 years old, fostered in Florida
Dog ID# 150811-P-B-MS

Cutie Alert!!! Say hello to Ms.Rona! Rona is 1-2 years old and extremely sweet. She is super duper sweet & very submissive and will just plop down on the ground and expose her belly for some good old fashioned belly rubs. This happens multiple times a day. She is great with other dogs & cats. She loves chewing on nylabones and playing with toys. She has learned the doggie door already, and is very good going in her plastic kennel. She did not respond well to a wire/metal crate but she is very happy and content to go into a large plastic kennel. Rona is very photogenic and she loves when people make high pitched or squeaky noises. She LOVES playing with water from the hose and is very silly. Rona prefers to keep close to her foster mom and wants her within eyesight when she eats her meals. She pulls on a leash so she will need some work with that. She is well behaved in the car, and likes to have at least one toy with her to chew on for long rides. She is afraid of loud noises like motorcycles and cars backfiring so she will not be a good candidate for hunting.

TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (Generally within 1500 miles of the dog)

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