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Lilly Needs Your Help

Lilly - 3 years old, fostered in Michigan
Dog ID#: 150834-P-B-KS

Hi, they call me Lily. My foster mom thinks I have missed out on some much needed TLC. Not that I donít give love back, but I am learning how to trust again. Normally I just sit real nice then hit her with my paw, I figured that was the best way to ask for some attention. If that doesnít work I stand on my head, and then do a flip and wiggle all over the carpet. She says that I am a goofy girl. I really want to play, but I never take a toy from anyone, not even the little ones. I will go get it, and let it go if you reach for it; you donít even have to ask. The most important thing to me is that I am able to be close to my people. My foster family loves me, but I want them all to myself. This doesnít work the best because I am a little afraid of other animals, and they already have three. I am not aggressive, I just shy away, unless one of the other dogs get in my space then I tell them to back off.

I learn really fast, and so does my foster family. I have only had one accident, and that was because they didnít listen to me when I said I had to go. I only bark when I really need to go out, or if something seems wrong. I have a great bark for warning strangers that I live here! I do cry if I canít be with my people, but they tell me no and I just go lay down. I love to learn, and have several commands that I know, and a few that I am still learning. I already know sit, off, go to your room, inside, shake, eat/ food/ hungry, outside, do your business or go potty, and I never jump up on anyone.

Foster Mom says I am very strong, but I donít pull too hard on the leash. I have a four year old boy right now to play with, and he was the first one that I snuggled with. I wanted his stuffed lamb, but I was told it wasnít my toy. I caught on very quick, plus I have lots of other toys that are all mine, so I donít bother his toys at all, and I donít destroy my toys. I really want to sleep at the foot of his bed, but I have my own room.

The first night I was here I was tired and slept in a crate, but the next night I had to express my concern. I became very anxious when I was put in the crate, so Foster Mom let me sleep in the spare room with a gate up. I did great so now that is where I stay when they sleep or leave the house. I do like to have a nice dog bed though, and if you let me I will get on the furniture or on the bed. If you want me off, thatís all you have to say, ďOffĒ.

The perfect family for me would be where I am the only dog, I am afraid of cats too so we may need to think about that, but I am curious of them. I really like kids of any age, and lots of toys. I would do fine in a house, or an apartment so long as I am taken out for a good walk a couple of times a day. I am a pretty calm Pointer, but I still need to get out for some exercise. I would prefer a yard with a physical fence, any height I am pretty good with, but I can adjust to an invisible fence with a little patience. I do not want to be tied out, my foster mom thinks that was my life before, and probably how I found myself in the shelter. I hate when I am put on the backyard line unless I can reach my people. Finally I really LOVE to go for car rides, I think they are so much fun!

TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (Generally within 1500 miles of the location of the dog)

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