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Isn't She Beautiful?

Abby (Freckles) - 11 months old, located in South Carolina
Dog ID#: 150932-P-B-SC

Abby is beautiful, smart, athletic, sweet and loving. She’s one of those dogs you just can’t stop looking at. She is that beautiful. Abby was found as a stray in rural South Carolina so we don’t know exactly how old she is. Our best guess is that she is between 8 and 11 months old. She still acts like a puppy and loves to run and play. She loves other dogs (especially other Pointers) and is outgoing and playful with them, especially if they will let her chase them. She is highly attracted to water and loves to splash and jump in our frog pond. She loves toys and would like to learn to play fetch. She is getting her “cat lessons” from our dog-savvy cats, and is learning to be gentle with them. (She has a few little scratches on her nose to show for it.)

Abby does not have much training, but she is a quick study. She learned a nice automatic sit in one day, and is working on some basic obedience skills. She walks pretty well on a leash, though she prefers to run. Although she does not yet have a solid recall, she does tend to stay with her people. She is very sociable and an athlete. She would make a great running partner or an agility dog. She would also probably like dock diving.

When we met Abby at the shelter, she was shy and frightened. She came out of her shell right away, however, and quickly turned into a happy, friendly and loving dog. She is very people oriented and seems ready to bond to a new best friend. She loves snuggling and gives gentle kisses.

Abby still has a lot of growing and maturing to do. When she gets overtired or over stimulated she gets a bit rambunctious, but quiets down right away if you put her in her crate. She is naturally clean and has not had any accidents in the house, even though she probably has not spent time in a house before. She is learning not to put her paws up on the table, and we do have to watch her to keep her from carrying off the remote from the television, or her favorite, reading glasses. She is sensitive and does not want to do anything to upset her people so she should be out of this phase very soon.

Abby has been spayed, vaccinated and dewormed and she is heartworm negative. She’s ready for a new home. Is it yours?

TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (Generally within around 1500 miles)

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