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Max Needs a Fresh Start

Max, 8 years old, located in California
Note: this dog is with an other rescue group, please use the contact information posted below for more information about Max

Max was rescued from a local construction company where he and another dog (a young black lab named Charlie) had been kept outside as guard dogs. Neither lived up to their position descriptions -- we think Max “pointed” at would-be burglars and Charlie voraciously licked them till the police came. Well, the business owner told an employee to take the not-so-good guard dogs to the pound, but the employee contacted us instead and the rest is history. We found both dogs in terrible condition: underweight, flea-infested, and filthy. Max is in great spirits despite his previous situation. Rumor has it that Max used to be a hunting dog, before his career change to guard dog.

But this ain’t a lab! You are so correct. Max the pointer was rescued along with Karli (formerly Charlie) the young black lab. Both dogs were in very poor and neglected condition. We believe Max may have been put down if he was turned into a shelter due to his age and poor state. And we could not leave him in his current situation. He was in immediate need of medical assistance – and Lab Rescue took charge and made the decision to care for this gorgeous English pointer. And we are absolutely delighted we did. We have engaged local pointer rescue organizations for their assistance to find him a new home, but welcome the opportunity to find him a home among our extended lab lover community.

What his current caretakers say: Max is fabulous. He loves running in the back field, stirring up birds. He has a great recall. Needs work on potty training. He will run forever chasing birds, investigating smells, and absolutely loving the great outdoors. Better bring your backpack, food, and water… cause Max is ready for adventure.

What Max’s Rescue Rep says: We are looking for a super forever home for him to make up for his last “employment”. Max is current on vaccinations, microchipped, and negative for heartworm. Will be neutered in near future. He would thrive in a home with or without another dog and/or a home with kids over 10. He is gonna need lots of room outdoors to be his bird dog self. Given his (alleged) previous hunting experience, better not let him near your cat. He is located in Petaluma.

If you are interested in Max, call Rescue Rep Dave, 415-686-4248.

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