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Ruger Needs a New Home

Ruger - 8 months old, fostered in Michigan
Dog ID#: 151213-P-D-IA

Ruger is quite the pup! His foster family really adores him. He came into a shelter as a stray, and after weeks of waiting for his family, or the right family, no one came. After a long drive he landed in Michigan, at a small country home.

Ruger is a very fast learner. He usually gets a command down within 20 minutes, and then it sticks with him. So far he has learned sit, off, recall, release, go potty, NO, and he is working on down (laydown). With all of that puppy energy he sometimes forgets that there are “things” where he is bouncing. When Ruger says it is time to cuddle, then it is time to cuddle.

He also learned about getting under the blankets in his foster folk’s bed, within a minute or so he is out like a light. He does well in his crate, and does sleep there. He protests going to it, and runs away if he knows he is going to be going there. Once in there, he settles down with minor complaint. A firm NO will usually settle him down. He goes to bed at 9pm, and wakes at 7am. No accidents, or complaints through the night so far.

He has had a few accidents in the house though, so he does require some more work on potty training. He does know the command “go potty”, he will quickly go. If you tell him to do it again he will try to do it again. So the trick here, is giving him some time to make sure he is done, if not then accidents can happen. He plays well with the other dogs in the house. His foster dog family is all female, but he should be okay with any male dog that is accepting. He also likes the cat, but she is not a fan of his exuberance. He doesn’t try to hurt her, but he is a bit spastic around her.

When he plays he can get a little anxious for the toy and chomp down on a finger, or scratch with the nails. For this reason, it is suggested that he goes to a family with older children, or at least children that understand big puppies. He is a big puppy, and probably will be for several more months, for that reason it is also suggested that he find a family with knowledge of Pointers, and knowledge of puppy training. Pointers are very sensitive dogs, and do better with positive reinforcement, and do not do well with punishment or harsh scolding. Ruger has not been trained to hunt, but he may be a good candidate for this, or any other dog sport, as he is a very focused dog.

Here's a video of Ruger in action! Ruger on YouTube

TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (Generally within 1500 miles of the dog)

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