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Buster Needs To Get Busted Out!

Buster - 8 years old, located in Virginia
Dog ID#: 151321-P-D-KS

My name is Buster. I am 8 years old, but itís been a tough 8 years on me.

Iím mostly ready for retirement at this point in my life. Iím very calm, and I like to sleep a lot. Iíve spent most of my life outdoors, but Iím getting the hang of his indoor/couch life. Iíve mostly gotten this idea of potting outside in the cold, and now enjoy watching football with my foster parents.

Iím a good eater, and I enjoy a nice slow stroll. Iím well socialized with other dogs and I leave them alone. I even leave alone that lone chicken at my foster home that likes to come see me.

Iím quiet in the crate, but I donít go in there if I donít have to. I like to sleep, and it takes me a few minutes to get my brain going once you wake me up. I donít have a mean thought in my brain, and am the easiest going pointer youíll ever meet.

So why I am looking for a new home? Iím not sure what happened to me. I did lose a large part of my sight in one eye (probably from some type of head trauma) and I donít have the best of hearing at this point in my life. I was not neutered until last fall and Iíve got some battle wounds on me.

Iím a big boy, sure I could lose a couple of pounds, but I am big boned with a large chest and head. Iíve finished up my initial treatment for a very faint heartworm reading, and got my microchip and am now looking forward to retirement with a family that will give me the human companionship that Iíve missed most of my life.

TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (Generally within 1500 miles of the location of the dog)

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