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Hunter - 4 years old, fostered in Kentucky
Dog ID#: 151413-P-D-OK

They told my Foster Mom that I am about 4 years old but she thinks I might be a young 4 because I really havenít quite found my body yetÖ Iím a big gangling, friendly, Country Boy and sometimes when I sit I just go Ė KERPLOP! But hey, I do sit and lay down on command! I also respect the leash but would love to take off running into those bushes to find birds. They havenít tested me yet to see if I am gun shy but I am NOT at all bothered by thunderstorms. Actually my foster mom has nicknamed me JethroÖ Beverly Hillbillies that is, because Iím tall, dark and handsome but also goofy. I LOVE to be petted and if you stop, I will remind you with my big nose. They try to tell me it can get a little irritating but it just feels so good to be touched! And I will sleep in bed with you, or next to you on the couch, or even in your lap in an easy chairÖ I just love to be with my people! But other dogs are fun, too. I get along great with the other 3 that are here. Sometimes we just hang out and chew on bones or play with the rope pull toy. Or better yet, I love to play with the rope toy with people and I think itís a real hoot to tackle the dust mop my Foster people useÖ they have to put me in a crate when they are serious about cleaning. Thatís okay, crates are fine but thatís the only time I have to use one, I have free run of the house because I am so well behaved. Well, a couple of times I wasnítÖ I chewed a sock and a rug but my foster people took me for more walks and played with me a little more and Iíve been a good boy since then! My Foster Dad and I do sometimes get the ĎLOOKí from Mom thoÖ from time to time he will let me jump up and put my paws on his chest and he says I am so gentle about it, but she says you might not like it so Iím not invited to do it very often. I have already gained weight since Iíve gotten here and even had to have my collar loosened because it was getting tight. It probably wonít be much longer before my ribs arenít showing anymore.

Did I mention that I love to watch the birds! My tail does tend to curl during my points tho and my Foster Mom wonders if thatís why I was allowed to stray and wasnít claimed at the shelter but she says thatís okay, she thinks itís a special flagÖ would you like to flag me as your special dog???

TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (Generally within 1500 miles)

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