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Ruth Needs Your Help!

Ruth - 3 years old, fostered in Florida
Dog ID# 151564-P-B-TN

Ruth is an amazing, sweet, gorgeous, birdy 3 year old English Pointer. She was in a shelter in Tennessee and traveled down to Florida to foster. She had a small fist-sized tumor on her side that required immediate attention. She was also Heartworm positive but the tumor needed to be addressed first and foremost. The tumor was malignant, but it has a very slim chance of recurring, based on the pathology report from Cornell University. Once Ruth recovered from her surgery, she began heartworm treatment. She will have completed her treatment and mandatory crate rest in April of 2016. At that point, pretty Ruthie will be ready to find a home of her own.

Ruth is VERY sweet, and loves to lean up against her foster family. She gets along with other dogs and cats, but she prefers non-dominant dogs as companions. Ruth is extremely birdy and will hop on 2 legs to try to get to birds she sees. She has a gorgeous point, and gets very focused when she sees or hears birds. Ruth is crate trained, good in a car and very affectionate. Once you add her looks into the picture, she is the perfect catch.

TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (Generally within 1500 miles)

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