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Thea Needs a New Home

Thea - 4 years old, fostered in Virginia
Dog ID#: 151623-P-B-VA

Hi! My name is Thea, and I am about one year old. If you (and your dogs!) are looking for a sweet, playful, wiggly addition to your family, I'm the pup for you!

I was found stray in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, and pulled from their shelter just before Christmas. I hardly even knew what a house was. I was hungry and skinny, and everything was so scary, I spent my first two days hiding behind the Christmas tree! Soon, though, good food, a stable routine, and the companionship of my foster brother and sisters drew me out of my shell. I live with a chihuahua, a black lab, and a pit bull, who is my best friend in the world! We wrestle and play every day! Don't think I'm that high-energy, though—I also like to chew a good antler or just nap on the couch for a long while.

I have been doing more than playing in my foster home. I'm learning, too! I'm house-broken and I know how to sit. I come when you whistle. I don't try to grab food from tables or counters. I sleep quietly in my crate at night, so long as my foster-mom drapes her bathrobe over the door. I even go into my crate on command now!

Of course, all my tricks are easier to do when I've got a soft-and-stinky dog treat for a reward. If I'm alone in my crate for six hours or more, I sometimes get scared again, and whine or try to chew my way out. Riding in the car is also scary, though I'm getting used to it. If you're thinking of adopting me, I would appreciate it if you put the time into reinforcing my new, good habits, especially at the beginning.

My favorite things are chicken, other dogs, and greeting my foster-dad with a big hound hug when I wake up in the morning. I get so excited that I jump up on him, which he tells me I'm not supposed to do. I'm working on that. I also like testing everything to find out if it is a toy. If my foster-parents say “Ah!” or “No!,” or even raise their voices in a commanding way, I drop the not-toy right away. See how smart I am? I like kids and have been tested with toddlers. They're nice because they pay a lot of attention to me. I don't really know what to think of the cats I've seen, so I just ignore them.

Right now, I am on medication for a yeast infection and hookworms, both of which should be cured within the month. I don't appear to have any other health problems from my time as a stray. I am heartworm-negative, current on all my vaccines, gaining weight quickly, and looking forward to a long and happy life. My perfect home would have another dog (or more!) to play with, and humans of any age that will continue to teach me right and wrong and patiently expose me to new situations. Thank you for reading my story!



TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (Generally within 1500 miles)

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