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Shiloh Needs Your Help

Shiloh - 10 years old, located in Connecticut
Dog ID#: 160083-P-D-MI

Hi. I知 Shiloh and I知 a happy, cuddly, fun-loving guy. I spent most of my life as a hunting dog in Michigan. But, I got too old to keep up with the youngsters and wound up in a shelter. The really nice people at the shelter found more really nice people from the rescue group. They found me a loving foster home here in Connecticut where I just relax and have fun. I get along great with my two foster brothers. We play ball together sometimes. But, I知 just as happy playing by myself. When we池e all tired, we cuddle together on the bed (the REAL bed). I also get along great with the cats. They don稚 run from me and I don稚 chase them. I think they really must like me because they never eat all their food. There is always some left and I help them with that. I知 a thoughtful guy.

The things I enjoy most are eating, going for long walks, eating, riding in the car, eating, playing ball, eating and cuddling. As much as I LOVE my food, I wait patiently for it and I値l sit and wait my turn whle the cookies are doled out.

I知 really good about going in my crate. There痴 always some good stuff in there waiting for me. I sleep on the bed when I知 invited. And, I知 invited all the time now because I知 so well behaved (if I do say so myself). When I have to go out, I always ask.

I pull a little on the leash but I知 working on that. There are so many things to see and smell. It kind of bugs me when other dogs come up to me when I知 out walking. I知 also not a real fan of little kids. I growl just a little to let them know that I need my space. I guess I知 just not used to those things.

The best home for me would be one where I can go for walks and rides in the car and where I can cuddle up to someone on the bed all night. Of course, there would need to be a steady supply of treats. Other dogs and cats would be fine. But, I壇 be okay as an only dog, too. I don稚 really need a fenced in yard as long as I get my walk. Did I mention that I love to go for walks?

TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (Generally within 1500 miles of the location of the dog)

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