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Rocky Needs Your Help!

Rocky - 2 years old, located in Ohio
Dog ID#: 160171-P-D-OK

Hello! My name is Rocky, but my foster mom calls me Rockeroo, or Rockstar. I am a 2 year old boy that was found as a stray. I love my foster mom and dad, the kids, the cats, and my doggie sister Bella. More than that though I would love my own furever home! I'm very chill and quiet, but I adore visitors and will lean up against and weave between them to get rubs and petting from everyone. I try to sit on the couch (so comfy) but Mom says no. I listen nicely and get down. I like to lay in my crate on my comfy mattress and tons of blankets. I don't mess in the house and can ring the bell when I want to go outside. I'm not a "birdie" hound but enjoy a good sniff around the yard. I have a few quirks like getting under mom's bed or into the bathtub when there is thunder, but a blanket over my crate helps. Treats are the best and I will sit patiently and wait for them. I came to my foster family very emaciated so I get lots of food and treats. I'm starting to look very handsome! I also had surgery on my hip that was dislocated. I'm still learning to use that leg again and building muscle but I can run really fast on 3 legs too!! When I'm distracted, like going on a walk or playing with my doggie sister, I forget that I'm "not supposed" to use my leg! I also like going for car rides and outings and will be your loyal and loving companion.


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