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Eden Needs a New Home

Eden - 18 months old, fostered in Ohio
Dog ID#: 170194-P-B-GA
Intake date: 2/12/17
Available for adoption: 2/26/17 Eden is about 18 months old and has now fully recovered from her “happy tail” syndrome. She needed to have her tail docked and now looks like her German Cousins. We actually suspect she has some of those German cousins in her genetic makeup as well.

We suspect that Eden spent her first year mostly alone without much interaction or socialization. People and dogs EXCITE her in a way that makes her a bit nutty.

Eden is young and learns very quickly. She wants to please you, but she has a hard time calming down to understand what you want. She needs to make a few sprints around the yard before she can even start to focus on what you are asking.

She has not shown any signs of being an escape artist as she does not test our 4 foot fence/gate and does not try to dig out. She is motivated by food, and enjoys toys and chasing her tennis ball.

Eden has had some issues with some other dogs, she sometimes plays very rough and sometimes this gets frustrating for her and the other dog, with a scuffle being the result.  She is now going to doggie-daycare two days/week and that is helping her learn to behave around other dogs, as well as burns off some of her excess energy and frustration.  She does really well with young and confident dogs who can match her level of energy and play style.  She has learned to respond to voice commands to “easy” and “back off” while playing too rough with other dogs.

Eden would do well as an only dog – or even with other dogs, but she will need an experienced owner.  She is now doing well with both older dogs in her foster home.  She plays a bit too rough for one, but is responding to correction from both the dog and the foster home.  The other dog is a punk, and she respects his space. She does not have any fence line aggression with the neighbor dogs, and she is fine on walks with other dogs. After a consult with a behaviorist and trainer, it appears that Eden has had a frustrating start to life, and she needs help learning how to channel some of this frustration – she is settling in now and starting to get the hang of this companion animal life.

Eden’s household manners are coming along and she is fully vetted and microchipped.  She is being clicker trained with basic obedience in her foster home, while her social skills are being refined at daycare.

Eden is a sweet, loving frustrated girl. She needs exercise and some direction. Her foster home is helping her with these things, but with limited time due to previous commitments, she will need a new family ready for her nutty-ness very soon. In turn, you will get a devoted young girl that can hopefully give you many years of pointer-antics.

TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (Generally within 1,500 miles)

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