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Poncho Needs a New Home

Poncho - 8 years old, fostered in Ohio
Dog ID#: 170213-P-B-MO
Intake date: 2/18/17
Available for adoption: 3/4/17

Poncho has lots of energy for her age. She would love a home where she could get walks so she could go exploring. She gets along with other dogs, but her preference is calmer dogs who don't get into her face. She ignores cats. My crew is too rambunctious for her tastes. She is a real sweetheart and not a barker, she does sing a little at feeding time. She is fantastic in her crate, just curls up and sleeps. She has not had any accidents in the house or in her crate at all. Shelter said she was an outside dog who kept escaping the yard. When she first arrived she did check our fence for anywhere she might be able to get out, so she needed to have a long line on her so we could grab her if needed. She has now progressed to be in the fenced yard without the leash, but never unsupervised. She absolutely LOVES going for walks and exploring. She loves attention and is very treat motivated. She's a bit overweight and on a diet. She's learning to play with toys. She doesn't jump on people and she's learning paws "off" the table and counters. She's a sweet lovable girl who wants to please and with a little love and direction will be a fantastic companion.

TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (Generally within 1,500 miles)

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