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Georgia Needs a Fresh Start

Georgia - 2 years old, fostered in Michigan
Dog ID#: 170673-P-B-GA
Intake date: 7/16/17
Available for adoption: 7/30/17

Hi, I am Georgia or GiGi for short. I am searching for a family of my very own, who I can love and spoil with all I have to offer!

My back story starts off grim; I honestly don’t know how I made it through it all. I was living in Georgia, thus my name, where my people didn’t take the best care of me. With lack of guidance, I became a teenage pregnancy story, which must not have set well with my people. Though I was already in pretty bad shape with treatable issues, they decided to throw me away, and I do mean throw me away. We went for a ride, oh how I love to go for a ride. Next thing I know they tossed me out of the moving car; I tumbled pretty hard. I was VERY pregnant at the time, so despite the pain from the fall I crawled under a trailer and had my babies.

A nice person found us and took us to a shelter where we got medical treatment, and they hooked us up with Pointer Rescue Organization. Things were looking better! Then the worst thing any mother would have to endure happened. My babies got very sick with something called Parvo. I lost many of them, but two did make it through. Once we had the all clear we traveled to a wonderful foster home in Maine. It was so beautiful, my girls and I were finally happy.

They found out that my shoulder was in pretty bad shape and I needed a specialist to help me walk without pain. I am still being treated for that, but I am sure that Pointer Rescue Organization will help me heal. Well, the girls got adopted, and actually, I did too! We said our goodbyes. I loved my pups, but eventually they really needed to go their own way. Being a teenage mom is so hard.

Well at the new home I really loved the new people, but after a few days another dog showed up. I thought I would be the only one so I was not so sure why I suddenly became number two. We had a little scuffle and my new mom was worried that we didn’t mesh well, though she loved me very much.

Now I am at a new foster home, where I have lots of fun, and there are two other Pointers already here. At first, I was unsure but now all I want to do is party with them. Foster mom says that is what got me in trouble, to begin with. I really love boys (dogs, and people). Since I have been here she still keeps us apart some, she says I need to take it easy on my shoulder. Honestly, nothing slows me down so good luck with that!

Now that I have a second chance in life I am thinking about what I want to do. I think I would love to casually hunt (I am very birdy they say), or do agility, but I really do need something to keep me busy. My foster families have said I am pretty high energy. I absolutely love to play with toys and sleep with them all in MY bed. I like to run as hard as I can and jump through the air. I also love to stare out the window on rainy days. I would love to be outside all of the time, but of course, come in when I want to relax. The thing is, I can dig faster than you can say “Georgia No” and I can climb a chain-link fence, so you may still need to keep an eye on me. So, I am being honest here about who I really am.

Now the really good stuff. I met the foster family’s six-year-old son, and I ADORE him! I wanted to sleep with him right away, but I also wanted to steal his stuffed animals, so the family said I have to sleep in my own room. He and I played a few times, and I just love to roll and rub all over him. I do get a little carried away sometimes, so they are training him to tell me “No” very firmly. I guess I should be with kids who are able to tell me No??? I learned how to get up in the Lazy Boy with Foster Mom and just lay there and relax. That means I get belly rubs and nice words usually. She says I have the softest belly. I like to roll and rub on her too. It makes me smile real big. I am a tiny little girl, so I am sure she doesn't mind this at all.

Since I have been having trouble with my shoulder I have a few pills I have to take every day right now, I found out that I LOVE LOVE cheese, and I will gobble those pills right up. Sometimes I even tell her to hurry, she says that I am saying aroooroooo. No silly, that is hurry up, I want my cheese!

The only downside to this foster home, besides being taught “manners”, is that I hate sleeping in my kennel, but I do it because they say I have to. I may cry a little but then I settle down and sleep until they get me up the next morning for my CHEESE. Cheese makes life wonderful.

Now that you know all about me, how about putting in an application so I can find out more about you, maybe we are a perfect match. If we are not a perfect match, I hear PRO has other wonderful Pointers like me.

TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (generally within 1,500 miles)

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