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Gypsy Needs a New Home

Gypsy (formerly Ginger) - 8-10 years old, fostered in Florida
Dog ID#:170983-P-B-GA
Intake date: 9/19/17
Available date: after Heartworm treatment, approximately February 2018

Hello! Can you hear me? Well, my life has been a bit of an adventure; not always happy adventures, but I am finding my way now with a little help from my friends. I was wandering south Georgia when I was picked up by animal control. I was hungry and tired. Being on my own was hard and finding food was difficult. Anyhow I was rescued off the streets and ended up in a shelter. At least I was safe when Hurricane Irma came through! Pointer Rescue found me and sent me to a great foster home. It is great to have my own place to sleep (although I enjoy sleeping in the couch) and regular meals and a regular routine.

When I was first found, I was called Ginger. My foster family thought I seemed to be a Gypsy. Yeah, that says something about my former life. They call me G-G a lot now. I kind of like that. It sort of gives me a mysterious aura, don't ya think? Did you hear me? What? Oh, wait. You can hear me bark for my dinner. I just can't hear you… not very well.

Anyhow, my foster family is taking care of me and going to help me gain weight and going to get rid of some nasty things inside of me called heartworms. It will take me a while to get better. So in the meantime, I hope you will check in on me. My foster mom said she promised to keep you all updated, because after I am better, I will be looking for a forever home. I promise I am worth the wait!

Gypsy (G-G) was found as a stray and extremely thin. She is estimated to be about 8-10 years old. G-G is also heartworm positive and will be going through treatment. In spite of the setbacks in her life, she has a happy wagging tail and expressions that will melt the coldest heart. Her foster family believes she has hearing loss and is working on adjusting her training. She is an intelligent girl with a hopeful future.

We will keep you updated on our little Gypsy!

TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (generally within 1,500 miles)

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