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Buddy Needs Your Help

Tax deductible donations graciously accepted to help with his Heartworm treatment: Support Pointer Rescue
Buddy - 2-3 yrs old, fostered in New York
Dog ID#: 171051-P-D-GA
Intake date: 10/29/17
Available for adoption: after heartworm treatment, around mid-January. Accepting applications mid-November.

Hi, Iím Buddy and my name fits me perfectly. My foster folks call me Mr. Congeniality because I love everyone and just want to be their buddy! My foster mom thinks that I would make a wonderful family dog. I am a handsome 70# boy from Georgia currently living in my foster home in upstate New York. I donít know what my history is, but youíd never know that I came from a shelter by my friendly, gentle ways, constantly wagging tail, and good manners. I am about three years old.

I walk beautifully on leash and have recently learned ďsitĒ Ė my new family will need to continue to work with me to reinforce these habits and add to the skills that I havenít completely mastered yet - like staying off the counters and occasionally jumping up to hug and greet people. Iím getting better, really!

I am eager to please and super friendly with people, including kids, dogs and probably cats. I am currently living with and getting along just fine with a mellow 7-year-old male, a 3-year-old female, and a lively 1-year old male dog. I like being with other dogs, but I LOVE being around people!

I think Iíd make fast friends with elementary aged kids and up. I hope whomever I end up with will like to play fetch with me and pet me. Iím very sweet, cuddly, and affectionate. I donít mind being in a crate, but would much prefer to hang out on a nice dog bed or perhaps your bed if youíll let me? I am housebroken and I promise not to chew on anything Iím not supposed to. Did I mention that I really like to retrieve balls?

While my markings and personality appear to be 98% Pointer, my build and giant feet suggest that I have something else mixed in for good measure! My foster mom think I might be part Lab, this might explain why I like to retrieve and why I donít have any interest in pointing at birds. A fenced in yard might be best initially, but isnít absolutely necessary. My foster family has observed that I have a pretty short ďinvisibleĒ leash. Once I bond with you, Iíll stick to you like glue!

I was recently microchipped and tested positive for heartworm so I am getting ready for treatment soon and should finish up in early January. I am on a monthly flea/tick and heartworm preventative and have been dewormed. I am well behaved for nail trimming, ear cleaning, bathing and brushing. As an added bonus, I am very neat with my outdoor bathroom habits, and I have a goofy way of lifting my upper lip to smile that I know will make you smile too!

TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (generally within 1,500 miles)

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