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Codie Needs a New Home

Codie - 6 months old, fostered in Florida
Dog ID# 171133-P-D-GA
Intake date: 10/28/17
Available for adoption: 11/12/17

Hiya! Let me introduce myself! I lived in an area in Georgia where I was really hungry and out wandering around. I was so hungry that I went from door to door begging for food. I was taken to a shelter - and I was only 22 pounds! Pointer Rescue saw me and made a plan to help me and get me some groceries ASAP! I'm having a REALLY fun time in my foster home in Florida, and I love love love to bounce around and play. I love talking to my foster family, and my favorite toys are ones I can throw in the air and catch while bouncing!

I'm starting to gain weight and I'm looking much better. I am a very active pup, so if you like to PLAY we can have a great time together. I also like to cuddle, but that is for after lots of playing. I love other dogs, but I can't get cats to play with me so I bark at them when they ignore me.

(Codie was formerly known as Clint)

TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (generally within 1,500 miles)

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