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Gracie Needs a New Home!

Gracie - 7 years old, fostered in Kentucky
Dog ID#: 171152-P-B-MO
Intake date: 11/19/17
Available for adoption: 12/3/17


My name is Gracie, Graced to be pulled from a shelter in Missouri when my owners did not need me anymore for a breeding dog.

I'm living the life now with my 3 Pointer siblings and two cats. We head to the dog park to zip around, chase birds and squirrels, meet new friends both canine and two-legged humans, including children. I enjoy dogs of all sizes and engage without any signs of aggression .

I'm crazy about car rides! I sit like a lady and either take a nap or watch out for strangers as I'm also a pretty darn good guard dog, barking when I see things out of the ordinary or strange people approaching our home or car.

I'm a total snuggle pup; let me tell you, you will never feel alone or depressed when I'm in your presence. I am a character , bringing laughter with my antics and comfort when you need me. I'm just beginning to play with toys, balls, and Kong Toys and love treats!

The cats really want to be by my side which is fine as long as they don't try and kiss me. I don't care for cats in my face, but dogs are a-ok!

I do crate but have been loose in my foster home as I'm not destructive, will sleep on my bed or couch if permitted if left home alone.

The vet here in Kentucky thinks I'm 7-8 years old. All I know is I feel like a puppy but have the manners of an adult dog!

I'm so pretty and cute just look at my photos - wouldn't I be the perfect match for your home?


Gracie was formerly known as Loretta.

TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (generally within 1,500 miles)

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