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Dory Needs a New Home

Dory - 4 years old, fostered in New York
Dog ID#: 171262-P-B-TN
Intake date: 11/12/17
Available for adoption: Around 11/26/17

My names Dory, but my foster mom sometimes calls me Dory the Explorer! Iím a very happy go lucky girl who loves adventures, my toys, and a good romp followed by snuggles. Iím definitely a live my life to the fullest kind of gal! I get along well with my foster brother and sister, but I do like to play a little rough sometimes (my brother mostly doesnít mind). There is also a fluffy thing called a Cat that lives here, and heís ok I guess, but sometimes I want to play with him and he never seems to want to play back. I was in a foster home right after I had puppies and there were human children there that I got along with just fine. Mom says sometimes Iím so inquisitive that I like to think things are toys that arenít, but Iím learning what No means. I sleep in a crate and I donít mind it in there at all. Iím quiet even when my foster brother and sister yap their heads off. I really like it when I get to go somewhere and stretch my legs for a good run, even though I sometimes leap and bound like a deer. I love to watch the world go by, especially the horses, birds and critters that live outside the window at my foster home. Mom says Iím a real looker, but I am definitely a bird dog, through and through (mom has to keep me far away from the chickens next door). Do you want to be my future adventure partner? I really love having a person to snuggle with after a long day, especially one who will scratch me behind the ears.

TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (generally within 1,500 miles)

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