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Ann Needs Your Help

Ann - 10 years old, fostered in Illinois
Dog ID#: 180131-P-B-IL
Intake date: 2/7/18
Available for adoption: Now!

Hello! My name is Lady Ann. My foster mom says that I am a sweet and well-behaved older lady. I also have quite the pedigree thus the ďLadyĒ bit! In my younger days I was a very talented and titled hunter and I loved to work the fields. Unfortunately my owner passed away and I ended up with a person who only cared about getting puppies from me. I got an owie on my foot and they did nothing about it. It grew and grew and I was very uncomfortable. Luckily the kind folks at PRO learned about me and got me out of that situation. The vet said I had cancer on my foot and they had to amputate my leg! But Iím ok now. My foster momma says that Iím a tripawd, but I donít let that hold me back! I love going to the park on a very long leash and sniffing the air and the bulrushes. I can still find those pesky birds, and point at squirrels so that foster momma can see them too. She doesnít seem to know to look out for these things, so I have to point them out! I love my furry foster sister and we get along well. Iíve checked out these other furry four legged things running around the house but mostly we just pass each other by. Foster momma says theyíre called cats. Sometimes Iíll let the little one play with my tail. Sheís nice and doesnít show her claws. I ADORE my foster kids!! I get sooo excited when they come home from school, and they spoil me with treats when momma isnít looking! I repay them with heaps of tail wags and making my cute face with my ears forward. Sometimes Iíll even do a little tap dance! Mostly though, I LOVE my nice, soft bed! I can lay in it ALL day! I am the calmest, chillest pointer you will ever find! Foster momma says I am an awesome lady, and that there is an awesome family out there just waiting to love me! In the meantime Iíll lay in my bed and dream of my forever home. Toodeloo! Lady Ann

TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (generally within 1,500 miles)

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