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Kurt Needs a New Home

Kurt - 3 years old, fostered in Kansas
Dog ID#: 180184-P-D-KY
Intake date: 2/9/18
Available date: Now!

Hi yíall! Iím Kurt and Iíve been told that good things come in small packages. Well, that must be true because Iím 43 pounds of snuggles! I have 3 favorite things in this world, PEOPLE, BIRDS, and tennis BALLS! Iíd be happy to spend all day with you, especially if we can go for a walk where I can point out all the birds to you! At night I like to snuggle up on the couch and watch Netflix or keep you company while you read. My foster mom tells me Iím an ďeasy keeperĒ, I guess thatís a good thing except nobody has kept me for their forever family yet. I was adopted, but it turns out that children are not on my list of favorite things. Children made me a bit uncomfortable, and my adoptive family and I decided that in order for me to be the best boy possible, I should probably live in a home without kids. Right now Iím in a foster home with three other dogs. Theyíre OK, but Iíd really prefer to have my people all to myself. One other calm dog might be acceptable. I donít really like excitable dogs or dogs who get ďup in my businessĒ and will tell them to back off. I sometimes have to remind my foster brother which crate is mine Ė I mean really, he has his own crate, why does he have to go into mine, too? I have good house manners. I know sit and will eagerly sit for treats and take them gently from your hand. I donít put my paws up on the counter although I do like to curl up on the furniture and take a nap. I donít care much for toys although I do enjoy a good squeaky tennis ball. I love, love, love going for walks and spending time outdoors. I am quite strong on leash but walk better on a gentle leader head harness. Although I have some basic obedience training, I could probably use a refresher course, besides, itís something we could do together. And maybe on the way to class, weíd see some BIRDS!

Kurt is an adorable and fun male neutered Pointer on the smaller side. Kurt is affectionate with people but is selective about other dogs. Kurt would do best as a single dog in a child-free home. Kurt has lived with cats previously and does well with dog-savvy cats, but has chased cats that run from him. Kurt was positive for heartworm disease when he came into pointer rescue and has been treated. He is current on vaccinations and is on monthly heartworm preventative and flea and tick preventative. If you think you might be Kurtís perfect match, fill out an adoption application to learn more!

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TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (generally within 1,500 miles)

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