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Cooper Needs a New Home

Cooper - 10 years old, fostered in New York
Dog ID#: 180221-P-D-GA
Intake Date: 4/15/18
Available for adoption: 4/29/18

This big old handsome man is Cooper. He came from Georgia and has come a lot farther than that since he arrived at his foster home. He needed to lose weight and get exercise to strengthen his legs. His forever home will need to continue that routine for the rest of his days. He is good with other mellow dogs but has little patience for the high energy, low maturity types (puppies who want to play). He loves hugs and being groomed. Cooper isnít a water dog but he likes to get in the lake up to his belly and sit in the water to take weight off his old frame and cool off. One of the behaviors to be aware of is his pacing. He will do this when he is nervous/anxious, when he needs to go outside or when he needs water of breakfast/dinner. If he has his own place to lay down away from the action he will usually retreat and lay down. He needs a good foam bed to sleep on to keep the old bones from getting sore but will choose a quiet place over a comfy bed so you need to let him pick his place or have a crate that will be his place and keep him on a regular routine of eating, out for business and exercise. He will stay in a crate, especially if you feed him in it to get him interested. He doesnít mind being in a crate when youíre not home. A large fenced yard and another mellow dog would be an ideal situation. He like to walk on a leash but sometimes wants to stop. A little encouragement will keep him going and once itís routine, he will go as far as he can go! Aside from that, he barks at the gas grill some times, but not much else gets him talking.

Cooper has a wonderful loving spirit and deserves a forever home where he will gets lots of love and attention.

TRANSPORT AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES! (generally within 1,500 miles)

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